Meet Kat Anderson, Advocate for San Francisco

Dedicated to Helping Others as a City Commissioner, Community Advocate, Attorney, and Mother 

I fell in love with San Francisco over 30 years ago while putting myself through Stanford University and Hastings Law School. My husband and I raised our children here, and for two decades I’ve been a strong advocate for our neighborhoods.

From helping our community rebuild the Marina Library and Moscone Playground to serving as a Recreation and Park Commissioner, I’ve made it my mission to make this special place even better for children and families as we grow and thrive.


As an attorney and advocate for women and children, I have provided pro-bono legal aid and helped young vulnerable moms, newborns, and kids in some of the toughest circumstances. Serving with Florence Crittenton Services, I have helped provide young women with an education, a job, and family planning. I know, as a mother and from helping other women, how important it is to invest our time and energy in children and our community.

In my job as a labor attorney representing journalists, I am an advocate for workers and free speech. I’ve brokered compromises during tough times, and worked to keep newspapers strong and journalists covering the stories that matter. My commitment to journalists and young people is why I founded Bay News Rising, where professional and college reporters can train collaboratively, and I developed a scholarship at San Francisco State University to support students seeking careers in journalism.

As a neighborhood leader, I’ll focus on the issues that impact our quality of life and I’ll work tirelessly to make sure our neighborhoods remain a vibrant place to raise kids, work, and retire.

I pride myself on being accessible and helping my neighbors. Call me at 415.420.7503 to share your thoughts or questions. I look forward to our conversation.

– Kat