Local leaders support Kat Anderson for District 2 Supervisor because she stands behind our community and because Kat has the experience to hit the ground running, ready to fight for District 2 on day one and ensure our community’s needs are being met in City Hall.

In addition to key endorsements from Dave (husband), Patrick (son), Deedee (daughter), and Willow (the family dog), Kat is endorsed by the following local San Francisco leaders.

Elected Officials Endorsing Kat for Supervisor

  • Fiona Ma, CPA, Member, Board of Equalization*

  • Eric Bauman, Chair, California Democratric Party*

  • Angela Alioto, Former President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors*

  • Katy Tang, San Francisco Board of Supervisors, District 4*

  • Barbara Kaufman, Former Member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors*

  • Shamann Walton, President, San Francisco Board of Education*

  • Emily Murase, Member, San Francisco Board of Education*

  • Amy Bacharach, Former Member, San Francisco City College Board of Trustees*

  • Mary Jung, Former Chair of San Francisco Democratic Party*


San Francisco City Leaders and Organizations Endorsing Kat for Supervisor

  • Communications Workers of America (CWA) Local 9410*

  • Andrea Shorter, Commissioner, San Francisco Commission on the Status of Women*

  • Caryl Ito, Former Commissioner, San Francisco Airport Commission*; Past President, San Francisco Commission on the Status of Women*; Founder, Pacific Asian American Women Bay Area Coalition*

  • Todd David, Executive Director, San Francisco Housing Action Coalition*

  • Ken Cleaveland, President, San Francisco Fire Commission*

  • Tippy Mazzucco, Commissioner, San Francisco Police Commission*

  • Arlo Hale Smith, Former Board Director, BART*

  • Lee Hsu, Board Member, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency*

  • Larry Mazzola, Jr., Commissioner, San Francisco Recreation & Park Commission*; President, San Francisco Building & Construction Trades Council*; Business Manager, Local 38, Plumbers & Pipefitters*

  • Mike Sullivan, Former Commissioner, San Francisco Recreation & Park Commission*

  • Steve Adams, Commissioner, San Francisco Small Business Commission*

  • FX Crowley, Former President and Commissioner, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission*; Former Commissioner, San Francisco Port Commission*

  • Victor Olivieri, Commissioner, Veterans Affairs Commission*

  • Leif Dautch, Commissioner, San Francisco Juvenile Probation Commission*; Deputy Attorney General, Office of the Attorney General*

  • Nick Belloni, Member, Park, Recreation and Open Space Advisory Committee*

  • Bruce Agid, Chair, Transbay Joint Powers Authority - Citizens Advisory Committee*


Community & Business Leaders Endorsing Kat for Supervisor

  • Anne Alvarez, Development Manager, Welcome Home Project*

  • Walt Baczkowski, CEO, San Francisco Association of Realtors*

  • Dion-Jay Brookter, Executive Director, Southeast Community Facility Commission*

  • Matt Brauer, Board Member, United Democratic Club*

  • Lori Brooke, President, Cow Hollow Association*

  • Derick Brown, Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services*

  • Sharmin Bock, Assistant District Attorney, Alameda County*

  • Jay Cheng, Member, Asian Pacific Democratic Club*

  • Roger Dean, President, Communications Workers of America Local 9431*

  • Ed Eshbach, Board President, City College of San Francisco Foundation*

  • Dallas Fowler, Principal, Daltek Global Solutions, LLC*

  • Carl Hall, Executive Officer, Pacific Media Workers Guild*

  • Jordan James Harville, Former Executive Director, San Francisco Democratic Party*

  • Austin Hunter, Co-Founder, GROW SF*

  • Luther Jackson, Workforce Development Manager, NOVA*

  • Derek Jansen, Board Member, United Democratic Club*

  • Genevieve Jopanda, Chief of Staff, California State Board of Equalization (District 2)*; Assembly District 19 Delegate, California Democratic Party*;

  • Jeff Jurow, Marina Small Business Owner

  • Henry Karnilowicz, Council of District Merchants*

  • Bernie Lunzer, President, The News Guild*

  • Heidi Machen, Board Member, City Democratic Club*

  • Izzy Malouf, Vice President of Member Engagement, United Democratic Club*

  • Richard Magary, Castro Merchants*

  • Tina Moylan, President, Russian Hill Neighbors*; Board Member, The Bay Institute*;

  • Amy Mueller, Executive Director, Playwright Foundation

  • Audrey & Steve Murray, Board Member, United Democratic Club*

  • Michelle Parker, Parent Leader & Education Advocate

  • Susan Pierpont, Board President, Bishop’s Ranch*

  • Alex Ponce de Leon, Attorney, Google*

  • Jim Reilly, former President, City Democratic Club*

  • Derek Remski, Vice President of Internal Operations, United Democratic Club*

  • George Rush, Former Football Coach at City College of San Francisco*

  • Lynne Newhouse Segal, Vice-President, Pacific Heights Residence Association*

  • Abraham Simmons, Assistant United States Attorney, U.S. Attorney’s Office*

  • Bouchra Simmons, Student Trustee, Community College of San Francisco*

  • Sara Steffens, Secretary Treasurer, Communications Workers of America*

  • Gladys Soto, Former Board Member, SF Democratic Women in Action*

  • Sean Swift, Executive Director, Bishop’s Ranch*

  • Earl Thomas, Executive Director, Economic Development on Third (EDOT)*

  • Rev. Floyd Trammel, Spiritual Care Manager, Sojourn Chaplaincy and San Francisco General Hospital*

  • Alicia Wang, Ret. Vice Chair, California Democratic Party*

  • Kenneth Williams, Executive Board Member, Communications Workers of America Local 9510*

  • Josephine Zhao, Founder, AsianAmericanVoters.org*


Neighbors & Friends Endorsing Kat Anderson

  • Bruce Agid

    Jacob Angel

    Marc Axelbaum

    Amy Bacharach

    Walt Baczkowski

    Sheryl Barden

    Nick Beloni

    Susie Berenson

    Jose Bondoc

    Doug Bullard

    Michael Colbruno

    Briana Coston

    Nancy Hayden Crowley

    Leif Dautch

    Nina Dosanjh

    Catherine Dowling

    Nicole Farrar

    Tony Fazio

    Chris Gallo

    Cynthia Harper

    Clay Harrell

    Jordan James Harville

    Victoria Hassid

    Trinh Hoang

    Quinn Hodges

    Austin Hunter

    Genevieve Jopanda

    Jordan Jurow

    Carolyn Jurow

    Nishant Karandikar

    Rhonda Kaufman

    Rick Kerr

    John Keyes

    Steven Koch

    Guy Kornblum

    Victoria Kornblum

    Bryan Land

    Courtney Lewis

    Robbie Lewis

    Tom Li

    Kayliegh Lloyd

    Mike Lusse

    Melia Robinson

    Jay Ann Leyson

    Heidi Machen

    Alexis Mahrus

    Izzy Malouf

    Kathy Mazzucco

    James Meininger

    Wendy Moseley

    Emily Murase

    Audrey Murray

    David Mysona

    Janis Nakamura Mysona

    LeeAnn Napolitana

    Sigh Nguyen

    George Niespolo

    Deanna & Richard Nurge

    Leslie Darwin O’Brien

    Jan O'Brien

    Antje Paiz

    Tyler Paxton

    Bonnie Preston

    Ditka Reiner

    John Ring

    Tom Roche

    Jessica Schimm

    Peter Sheridan

    Joanna Sheridan

    Abraham Simmons

    Ahalya Srikant

    Alan Su

    Nancy & Peter Svendsen

    Erich Sylvester

    Anna Sylvester

    Mawuli Tugbenyoh

    Gian-Paolo Veronese

    Dena Aslanian Williams

    Josephine Zhao

    Allen Zigman


*Titles for identification purposes only.



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