Catherine Stefani for Supervisor

Catherine_and_Kat.jpegAs I told you earlier today, I am no longer seeking the office of District 2 Supervisor in San Francisco this November. I’m now excited to share more news.

Our district — my home for 25 years and where I raised my children — has been in such great hands since Catherine Stefani became District 2 Supervisor in January. Before becoming Supervisor, Catherine served as a legislative aide in District 2 for almost a decade. She knows our issues better than anyone, and has hit the ground running as our Supervisor. On the campaign trail, she has been a model candidate, and quite simply, the kind of person in District 2 I’m proud to call my neighbor. Today, I’m proud to formally and enthusiastically endorse Catherine for District 2 Supervisor.

Catherine and I are on the same page about the issues that are of great concern to our residents – like how to make our neighborhoods safe, reducing homelessness, investing in our neighborhood merchant corridors, helping San Francisco families thrive, and addressing our crumbling infrastructure. And, near and dear to my heart as a Recreation and Park Commissioner, Catherine and I will be able to work together on the birth of a new park at the old Francisco Reservoir. We will also continue to upgrade Alta Plaza and Lafayette parks and Moscone playground next to the library while advancing our Recreation and Park Department policy of achieving parity in parks and open spaces around the city, ensuring that traditionally underserved communities have beautiful new parks and facilities just as we’ve enjoyed in District 2.

If you weren’t able to tune in to our Facebook Live endorsement announcement earlier today, check it out here.

I’ve spent 20 years advocating for our neighborhoods, and I have always been drawn to public office to serve my neighbors and my community. I am a team player and an advocate, and the people who know me best know that I will do everything I can for the people I care about. I also believe that we should focus on underserved communities where residents want jobs, training, opportunity and general economic vitality.

Catherine is a woman who offers honesty, has proven competency and has a heart of pure San Francisco gold.  I ask all my supporters to get to know Catherine like I do: a capable and caring leader who will represent District 2 and all of San Francisco through the challenges ahead. I endorse her, I will campaign for and with her, and I will applaud her victory in November.

Catherine Stefani is the leader our neighborhood needs, and we must all come together to help her win in November. Please consider contributing to her campaign to help ensure victory so District 2 can stay in good hands.

Thank you for all your love and support,